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blue too

Prisoner *


Kate Gee

Dave Gee


Dm              Bb        Dm
I wanted you to love me,
Dm              Bb            Dm
I wanted you so much,
Dm                   Bb       Dm
To feel your breath upon me,
Dm                  Bb       C
To feel your tender touch.

Chorus 1
C           Dm            C
I was but a prisoner,
C                 Dm            C
A captive of your charms,
C           Dm           
I was but a prisoner.
Dm    Bb                     Dm
I was held within your arms

Verse 2
Dm                  Bb        Dm
I loved to have you near me,
Dm                 Bb         Dm
I loved you in the dawn,
Dm                  Bb            Dm
I loved you far too much, though,
Dm                   Bb            C
To see that you were torn.

Chorus 2

Verse 3
Dm                Bb          Dm
Wonder who you're with now,
Dm               Bb           Dm
Wonder where you are,
Dm                Bb          Dm
Wonder in the dawnlight,
Dm            Bb       C
Wonder to the stars.

Chorus 3

------------ Guitar Solo -----------

Verse 4
Dm                   Bb       Dm
I know now where I'm going,
Dm                Bb          Dm
I know I have the time
Dm              Bb            Dm
I know it in my heart now,
Dm             Bb             C
Why do I still cry? - remembering

Chorus 4

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