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blue too

Stones *


Kate and Dave Gee

Dave Gee


Verse 1
Am               Am3f                 Am      Am3f      Am     Em
Can you hear the wind blow across the moor?
Am             Am3f                 Am      Am3f      Am     Em
Do you ever feel you've been here before?

Chorus 1
Em        Dm                       G
There's a full moon rising,
G          Am      Am3f      Am     Em
Above this ring of stones.
Em   Dm          G
A    full moon rising,
G     Am           Am3f      Am     Em
Power in the air.

Verse 2
Am              Am3f                    Am      Am3f      Am     Em
Even though you know it is but a dream,
Am               Am3f                     Am       Am3f     Am     Em
You never can be sure, you know it may be real, it may be real.

Chorus 2

--- Guitar Solo ---

Verse 3
Am                Am3f                     Am      Am3f      Am     Em
Are you wandering why you're lying on this stone?
Am                  Am3f              Am    Am3f      Am     Em
Terror when you realise, you are not alone.

Chorus 3
Em        Dm                G
There's a full moon rising,
G          Am      Am3f     Am     Em
Above this ring of stones.
Em   Dm            G
Your dreams may be shifting,
G       Am           Am3f      Am     Em
Reality stands alone.

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