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Prussian Blue® Dot Com is the brand new website of the UK blues rock band Prussian Blue. Completely redecorated for the launch of the new album, Room at Night.

To get around the site, click on the nav bar on the left. We've got loads of things here for you. There's a gossip page, there's info about our gigs, (pompously entitled "Tour Dates"), there's sounds and piccies, lyrics and info about HOW TO BUY OUR STUFF (hint, hint). Finally, there's the usual boring page about us, with contact details, brief resume, etc.

Latest site news - we've got e-commerce! You can now buy our CDs and other stuff directly through this site in UK Pounds Sterling. Just go to the Merchandise page. Our American friends have been able to buy CDs for dollars through CDBABY for a while (and you still can), but now we've got a direct facility for the Brits.

Even more news - we're now a registered trade mark! So we're going to have to put little ® after our name from now on. Doesn't sound much, but it actually means a lot to us.

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